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Candy Magic World

Candy Magic World


Ready to play with the most desired games of all time? With this distraction you will enjoy moments of pleasure giving the best crossword solution we created for you! Show your intelligence and your mental skills by challenging your friends or playing alone, because you will not find the time for boredom. This pastime is approved even for the younger children in the house, they'll try to deduce the different puzzles and they'll learn to add sets of elements graceful to behold. Adults will spend entertaining moments anywhere, trying to decipher the most fun puzzles.

Do not hesitate and click, a sweet and colorful world is awaiting you! In order to successfully meet the challenge you must achieve together over two matching tiles in group, in order to break the centerpiece that asks you the level that you'll debate: candy canes, teddy cookies, chocolates ... etc. Concentrate and start with the simplest screen, manages to gather the same formats and shades in more than 3 squares making the appropriate and necessary movements trying to be close to the element order, so get burst it. Every time you eliminate the groups you'll go gathering points, but careful, you have a limited number of moves, if you pass them you'll lose the game and you'll have to start over again. Do you think you can give a result to our puzzles? If so, enjoy over 40 levels to overcome, train your reasoning ability and your quickly intellectual.

Do not hesitate and come in our application, nobody ever put it so easy for such an entertainment, you will play with no cost and you will have a great time with your family. Challenge the most competent people and become famous for your intellect. A huge amount of jellies are waiting to be destroyed, be the next to find out all the possible solutions and results, win and become a teacher, good luck!